How to enable request tracking

Enable this option to allow guests users to track their requests on your pipes.

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🔐 Available on all plans

🎯 For those who want to enable the tracking of requests for requesters

As your requesters create cards, like a purchase order or support ticket, they can track their status through the Request Tracker. It works like this: as filling out a public form, requesters receive an authenticated link via email, so they can stay on top of their submissions.

You just have to enable this option. Also, if you invite requesters as guests in your company in Pipefy, they'll be able to track this information through the requests area.

How to enable the Request Tracker

🔔 Attention: only admins of a pipe can configure this setting.

To enable request tracking and customize the form however you want (like add the logo, change the colors, edit the description, etc.), click the Form button (1), located in the header of the pipe, and then on Edit (2).

This is the form editing screen. Click Public View to change the form's public settings.

Among the various options for editing the form we find here, we have the request tracking option. Scroll down the page and in the menu on the left side find the option Allow request tracking. Click the on/off button to activate it.

You can choose how to collect the requesters' email addresses: either through a new page that appears as they fill out the form or through an email address in the form.

  • Mandatory filling: requesters must inform a valid email address to submit the form. Otherwise, the form won't be created.

  • Optional filling: either if they inform their email address or not, the request will be created.

  • Collect email using an email field: if the form contains an email address field type, it's possible to collect their email through it.

If you don't want to enable the Request Tracker page, don't forget to turn off the Allow request tracking button.

🔔 Attention: Requesters can only track their information directly in Pipefy if you invite them as company guests or external guests. Otherwise, if they haven't been invited, they'll only be able to keep up with requests through the Request Tracker (via a link on their email).

Communication between requesters and agents

Pipe members and requesters can exchange messages through cards. To do so, the requester has to open the card, click on Contact an agent, and write their message.

Every time it happens, you will receive a notification. Open the card to reply to it. The card will keep a record of all messages exchanged.

To track requests without having to update the Requests page every time, keep an eye on your Notifications. You'll be immediately notified when you receive an email from the person working on your request or when it progresses in the process.

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