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Your pipe's start form is its front door. It represents the input of your process and it's extremely important that you take your time to structure it properly to make sure you ask for all the information you need in it without adding unnecessary fields.

If you've decided to create your pipe using one of Pipefy’s pre-designed process templates, your pipe will already have a form. You can edit it to better suit your needs. 

But let's assume you're creating a new process from scratch. Your form will come with a single short text field asking 'what?'. To make your form complete you'll need to add fields to it, here's how you do it.

You don't necessarily create a new start form, it already comes as a default setting. The start form it's the first standardized input into your process. 

How to add fields in the start form

You can edit the form if you are the admin user of the pipe. To add fields to the form, go to the forms view. Click on the Form button in the pipe header, then select Edit.

Drag and drop fields on the form, customizing it according to your needs.

Once the field window is open you'll add the field title and if you want a description and help text, its options (if it's a multiple-choice field), and choose if it's mandatory and editable in other phases.

Once you're done editing, save it and that's it, your field is created! Keep on going until you feel like your form is complete and you're asking for all the information you need to kick off your process!

Click here to learn more about the forms builder.

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