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Learn how to create and use a Start Form to collect information when building a process.

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All processes in Pipefy begin with a Start Form, which is used to gather information before getting things running. For example:

  • In a Sales Pipeline you will use a Start Form to collect the name, the email address, and the phone number of potential customers, so you can get in touch with them later.

  • In a Recruitment Process, you will use it to collect data about candidates, such as their names, education level, previous experiences, and level of interest to find the best professionals.

  • In a Purchase Process, use it to collect information about requesters, orders, and total cost, so you can share this data with approvers.

No matter the type or the size of your process, the Start Form is its front door, helping you to standardize information input.

Every time a user fills and sends a Start Form, Pipefy will group the information in a card.

This means the Start Form creates cards in your pipe (process), and each card corresponds to a different request.

Where do I edit it?

Your Start Form is at the top of your pipe.

When you click on the Form button, you'll be able to:

  • Edit its fields

  • Make it public to share it with people that are not members of your pipe

  • And see how it looks to guest users.

Who can edit the Start Form?

Only pipe admins and members can edit a form. Guest users can't modify it.

How to build a Start Form?

If you created your pipe using one of Pipefy’s predesigned process templates, it will already have a predefined Start Form that you can edit.

But if you create a new process from scratch, the Start Form will be empty, without any fields in it yet.

To build a Start Form:

  • Click on add fields, and in the next page, drag and drop the fields you want to include.

  • Give each field a title that makes it easy for people to understand.

  • When you're ready, make it public and share with third parties, or go back to the pipe.

Your changes are automatically saved.

How to fill out a Start Form?

If you are a pipe member or admin, go back to the pipe kanban and click on the create card button. The Start Form will appear and you can fill its fields.

Guest users have access to public forms, or private forms shared with them. This means they can access any information in your pipe.

After filling a form and sending it, Pipefy will group its information inside a new card. It will automatically appear at the first phase of your pipe.

Then, you can start working in your process, by moving the card to other phases, and collecting more data though phase forms whenever necessary.

Looking for more tips? Take Pipefy Academy’s free courses to learn how to use all of Pipefy's features, and don't forget to join Pipefy's Community to share ideas and give feedback about our product.

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