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How to delete members from a company's account
How to delete members from a company's account

Learn how to remove team members from your company in Pipefy.

Written by Bruna Griebeler
Updated over a week ago

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1. To remove team members, access the Homepage where you can see your company's pipes and databases.

2. Then, click on Members.

3. Select a member that you want to Delete from your company's account. As you hover over their names, you can view an X icon next to their roles.

4. Click on the Delete button and confirm the action.

5. As the person is deleted from being a Member, they will receive an email notification.

📌 Only company admins can delete members from a company's account. If you prefer, connect Pipefy to Azure AD to manage your company members and permissions.

When deleting users from your company's account, they are also deleted from all pipes they are in.

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