How to add members to a pipe
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Add people from your team to your company’s pipes. Learn how to:

  • Access the invitation page, add people and define functions and permissions.

  • Grant different types of permissions to users in a pipe.

  • Invite new external users without triggering an automatic billing in your Pipefy account.

Add members to the pipe

To invite new people to a pipe:

  1. Access the pipe you’d like to add your team to.

  2. Click on Members at the top of the screen.

    📢 Keep in mind: If you don’t see the Members button at the top of the pipe, check with your company’s Pipefy facilitator to make sure you have admin access. The default settings allow only users with company admin permission to add new members.

  3. Next, click on Invite members.

  4. Enter the users’ email addresses (or username if they are already registered). Their profile icon should appear.

    💡Tip: If a user doesn’t appear, you can add them. Click + Add more people to register their emails.

  5. Click Add.

  6. The next step is defining permissions for each user. Click on the member to alter their permissions. Learn more about pipes roles and permissions.

  • Pipe administrador: can create and edit cards, and manage pipe settings.

  • Pipe member: can create and edit cards in a pipe.

  • Restricted view: can create cards and edit/view only cards they have created.

  • Read only: can view all cards and leave comments.

  • Start form only: can create cards only.

📢Keep in mind: Any external user you invite will automatically be added to your company’s list, making them eligible for your company's charges. Learn more about Pipefy pricing policies.

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