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Use labels to filter and identify cards according to their priority and other criteria.

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Labels help you to easily identify and filter cards in a Pipe, according to their priority, activity, or any other criteria you choose.

To create a new label, go to the Pipe, click on Tools, and select Labels.

Click on Create new label.

Give it a name, choose a color, and save.

To edit an existing one, click on the three dots button next to the label's name, then click on Edit label.

You can modify the label's name and color.

Whenever you create a label, we recommend as a best-practice that you choose contrasting colors for each of them, which will make it easier to identify your labeled cards.

📌 ProTip: You can add a Label selection field to your Pipe's form or Phases, or use the label top button to add labels to your cards.

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