Moving cards through the pipe

How to move and restrict cards' movements from one phase to another.

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Who can move cards?

  • Pipe members and admins.

  • All plans - free and paid.

Before you begin:

Phases represent the stages of a process, while cards correspond to tasks you're going to handle. As you work on them, you can update their status by moving cards from one phase to another.

You can:

Move a card manually

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Drag and drop the card to the next phase.

  2. Open the card and select the phase you want to move it to.

Move cards automatically

If you work on several tasks simultaneously, you can set an automation to move cards.

It works like this: every time something specific happens in the pipe, the Pipefy robot automatically moves the card from one phase to another.

For example, any time a field is updated, the card leaves phase A and enters phase B.

Limit a card's movements

By default, there are no restrictions to move cards through phases once a pipe is created, but you can define your own rules and prevent cards from going back to phase A after going to phase B, for example.

To edit this setup, find the phase in which you’d like to establish a rule. Click on move card settings.

Then, use the switch button to select or unselect the phases the card can be moved to.

Mandatory fields

If a card has a field set as required, it can't move to the next phase unless that field is populated.

This is especially useful when you want to make sure you have all the information you need before moving forward with a task.

To set a field as required, open the phase settings (gear button) and click on the pencil-shaped button next to the field.

Then, turn on the option that says: "this field is required".

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