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All your stakeholders can join you in Pipefy to access your forms and safely exchange information with your team. You just have to add them as company guests or external guests.

First, define which forms they will be able to access. Open the pipe and go to pipe settings. In the authorization section, choose who can create cards on this pipe and track status:

  • Administrators, members, and company guests

  • External guests

The next step is to add them to your Pipefy account. In the homepage's header, click on members, type their email address, and choose their permission level.

Here is a complete guide on how to add guests users to your company's account.

📌 Pro tip: do this in bulk through API or Identity Management.

After that, you are ready to receive requests and information from your stakeholders.

Detailed tutorial: sharing forms with company guests

To share a pipe's start form with a company guest, go to the pipe and access pipe settings, by clicking on the gear icon.

In the Authorization section, find the option choose who can create cards on this pipe and track status, and mark the item administrators, members, and company guests.

Unmark it to undo this action.

Repeat these steps on every start form you want to share.

How to share forms with external guests

In pipe settings, find the Authorizations section and select the option external guests, in choose who can create cards on this pipe and track status.

Repeat this process in every start form you want to share.

Another option is through company settings. In this case, go to Account preferences:

Access Company Settings, and look for the option: Forms allowed to External Guests.

Click on Add forms and use the search bar to find the desired option. You can select more than one at the same time. Save it and you're ready to go!

To stop sharing a form, click on the X button right next to the form's name.

How to choose the right role for each guest

Consider your business model to define if you will add someone as a company or as an external guest.

In a nutshell, company guests can create pipes, therefore this permission level is intended for employees. On the other hand, external guests cannot create pipes, and for this reason, is intended for customers, suppliers, etc.

  • Company guests → employees and internal clients

  • External guests → customers, suppliers, and external clients

📌 Want to go deeper? Here is a tutorial about the differences between Company Guests and External Guests.


Do guest users have access to my company's information?

No. Their experience in Pipefy is different. All they can see are the forms you've shared with them and a button to manage their profile preferences.

Do guest users have access to public forms?

Yes. If you share a public form through a public link, they will be able to find it in Pipefy for Guests, a platform that gathers all public forms they have access to.

Will I be charged for each guest?

No. Your plan is based on the number of company admins and members. So, feel free to invite as many guests users as you need. Just remember that, if the administrator allows, company guests can create pipes, and once they do, that individual will become a member — therefore, adding a new charge. You can change this option in company settings.

Looking for more tips? Take Pipefy Academy free courses to learn how to use all of Pipefy's features, and don't forget to join Pipefy's Community to share ideas and give feedback about our product.

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