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  • Learn how to manage guests in Pipefy using a feature included in your plan.

Invite stakeholders to join your company in Pipefy and give them access to forms, giving them the ability to submit requests and communicate with your team. You can specify their roles as Company Guests or External Guests.

Regulate the actions guests can perform in Pipefy by defining permissions for each individual assigned to these roles.

Invite guests

To invite people to your company in Pipefy, go to the homepage. Then, click on Members at the top of the page.

As you open the page, you can see everyone in your company and their respective roles.

To invite more people, click Invite members and type in their email addresses into the indicated field, or select Add in bulk.

Adding in bulk allows you to invite up to 1,000 emails at once; if needed, however, it's also possible to add more than 1,000 emails via API.

If you're unsure of who to invite, we also provide Guest recommendations for you. Just select the Suggested invites tab.

To accept a suggestion, simply click Invite and select the guest’s status: Company Guest or External Guest. Note that neither of these cost any additional fees.

That’s it! You have sent the invitation to the selected person.

Manage people

To manage Company Guests or External Guests, click either that selection, or the number of users assigned to it.

To view all people assigned to a role, go to the Users tab. If no one has been assigned that role yet, click Add users.

In the Permissions tab, you can select permissions for each role.

  • It's not possible to change External Guests' permissions. By default, they can only access the forms you allow them to.

  • To allow Company Guests to create pipes in Pipefy, select the option Can create pipes. Note that no other permission types will be available for these individuals.

Sharing forms with Company Guests

To share a pipe's form with a Company Guest, go to the pipe and click Edit pipe.

In the Start form section, find the Go to Company Form Access option and check the Administrators, Members, and Company Guests box. To undo this action, uncheck the selected box.

Repeat this process for any form you’d like to share.

How to share forms with External Guests

To allow External Guests to access a form, access its respective pipe. Go to Company Form Access and select the External Guests option.

Repeat this process for all forms you’d like to share with your guests.

It's also possible to define which forms your External Guests can access; go to your Company Settings page.

Then, scroll down to the option Forms allowed to External Guests.

Click Add Form and use the search tool to find and select the desired form. Note: You can add more than one form.

When you finish, click Save.

Once you complete this setup, your guests’ homepage will display the forms they can access when logging into Pipefy.

How to choose the right role for each guest

Consider your business model when deciding whether to add an individual as a Company or External guest.

In short, company guests can create pipes. Therefore this permission level is intended for employees.

On the other hand, External Guests cannot create pipes.

  • Company Guests → employees and internal clients

  • External Guests → customers, suppliers, and external clients


Do guest users have access to my company's information?

No. The guest experience in Pipefy differs from that of company users. Guests can view only the forms that have been shared with them, along with a button to manage their profile preferences.

Do guest users have access to public forms?

Yes. If you share a public form through a public link, guests can view it in Pipefy for Guests, a platform that gathers all public forms your guests have access to.

Will I be charged for each guest?

No. Plans are based upon the number of admins and members your company has. Therefore, feel free to invite as many guest users as you need.

Just remember that if the administrator grants them permission, company guests can create pipes; once they do, that individual becomes a member, which will in turn, add a new charge.

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