To access your Phase settings and edit a Phase, click the settings wheel on the upper right corner of your Pipe dashboard.

Once the list with all your Phases is open, you can access each Phases’ settings by clicking on the little dots next to the Phase’s name:

Within the Phase's settings you can pretty much edit everything to make it fit your process perfectly: Phase Name, Fields (you can add/edit, delete or change the order the Fields that appear on the screen) and Action Buttons.

Scrolling down the Phase settings' screen you'll see three checkboxes:

  • This Phase is an end of process - By checking this option, you'll make a specific Phase the end - or ends - of your process (it can be the "Done", "Won" or "Lost" phases, for example). When you move cards to this phase - or phases- they'll be considered finished;
  • Allow creating Cards on this Phase - Checking this button will make sure that a 'Create new card'-button will appear on this Phase. 

Scrolling further down, you’ll get to the ‘Advanced Options’.

  • Assigned - This feature gives you the option of automatically assigning a specific Phase to one or more members of your team. If you assign a Phase to a user, every time a Card enters this Phase, he/she will be notified. If you don't want the Phase to be automatically assigned to anyone, just leave it blank;
  • E-mail Templates - This feature allows you to configure custom messages to be sent on specific Phases;
  • Description - Add a short, concise description the Phase, to be shown on your Pipe;
  • Late Alert - Define a maximum time (SLA) for a card to stay in this Phase.

Pipefy Tip: If you click the three small dots next to a Phase's name in your Pipe dashboard, four options will pop up. From there you can easily edit the Phase, move it to the left or right, create a new Phase or delete a Phase.

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