Pipefy is all about collaboration and information sharing; that’s why we developed the sharing center, a place where you can do this in a much simpler and faster way. On this sharing page, it’s possible to manage your forms, set pipe permissions and connect forms to emails and Portals with a few clicks.

To access the sharing center, just click on the Share button, located in the upper right corner, next to the other configuration icons, or through the Start Form itself, on the Share button.

A new page will open with all options, allowing you to perform actions directly on the screen or to be redirected to the places where you can do these actions. On the left side, we have the Public Form settings, as you can see below.

This is where you can set up the Public Form. To transform the Start Form of this pipe into a Public Form, simply click on the green key icon to activate it. By clicking on the Customize button, you will access the personalization page, being able to change colors, add text and a logo. To learn how to customize the Public Form, click here.

You can also copy the Public Form link or even the code to embed it on your website, if you prefer. In the bottom left corner, you will find a shortcut to add members to the pipe, in case you want to add more people to the process.

On the right side of the page, we find more sharing and collaboration options that you can use in a few clicks. Check them out:

  • Set up the form with an email inbox: this is where you can set up an email address to receive messages that will become cards, selecting which data (fields) will be transformed into information within the cards.

  • Add the form to a Portal: this is a shortcut that allows you to create a Portal from scratch or add the form of this pipe to an existing Portal. A portal brings together several Public Forms in one place, allowing you to share a single page with different forms, separated by department, for example.

  • Connect your form to another pipe: here it’s possible to connect different pipes and include the Start Form of your process in a phase of another process, integrating demands between teams and departments.

  • Permission to access the form: you can also define if users who are not members of this pipe can create cards or not, enabling users across the company to create new requests.

That’s all you can do on the sharing page! Start receiving several types of requests in different ways according to your preferences, whether through a portal, a connected pipe or even by email.

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