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To access Pipe Settings, you need to have the Administrator permission.

  • Open the Pipe you want to edit, then click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner. Select the General tab.

In the Pipe settings, you can edit:

  • Name: Your Pipe's name. It'll be displayed in your company dashboard and in the upper left corner of the screen whenever you access the Pipe.

  • Icon: Pipefy offers a series of pre-selected icons and color icons. Choose one that represents your Pipe in order to easily find it in your company dashboard.

  • Card title: Select from the fields in the Start Form which one you would like to appear as a title in your Cards. If you change your Card's title after creating Cards in your Pipe, the new settings won't be reflected in the existing Cards - it only applies to Cards created after changing it.

  • Subtitles: Select which fields you would like to see as subtitles on your Cards (they're displayed in the closed Card, under the title).

  • Summarized layout: Select which fields you want to be displayed when Cards are created in this Pipe using connections.

  • Expired alert: Set the maximum time a Card can remain in active Phases of its Pipe. It can be minutes, hours or days. Click on the on/off button for considering weekdays only (Monday to Friday).

  • Permissions: Your Pipe can be public or private. When it's marked as public, everyone in your company who has a Pipefy account can access it. When it is marked as private, only people invited by the administrator can access it.

  • Authorizations: Click on the checkbox button to define who can create, edit, or delete Cards.

  • Pipe's default view: define what you want to see first. It can be the Pipe's Kanban, list view, Start Form, or Shared Email Inbox.

  • Delete pipe: Click here if you want to delete this Pipe. Be careful, though! Once you do, there's no going back!

  • Clone to: Use this option to make a copy of the Pipe in the same or another organization. Learn more about it.

📌 You can also edit the Pipe's name, color, and icon by clicking directly on them. Click outside to save what you modified and press ESC to Cancel.

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