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How to create automations for when you receive an email
How to create automations for when you receive an email

Learn how to set up automations based on received emails, and how to automate replies and actions.

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🔐 Available for all plans

🎯 For those who want to create automations for well-built existing processes

With Pipefy, you can create automations that are triggered when an email enters a pipe’s card inbox or shared inbox. For example, whenever a customer replies to an email, team members will receive an automatic alert to check the message.

With automations for different email scenarios, you ensure an agile, responsive, and error-proof communication flow with customers, employees, suppliers, and requesters.

Here are some examples of real scenarios for this type of automation:

  • Sales: When potential customers send an email, the sales team can jump right into action. This fast response increases the chances of converting leads.

  • IT: When a user submits an email in a service desk process, an alert is sent to the assigned ticket owner.

Before configuring the automation

Before creating any automation involving emails in Pipefy, we recommend learning about the email features. It is also important to pay attention to any existing automations in the pipe (such as mandatory phase fields) that can prevent email automation from running correctly.

Learn more about Pipefy's email features:

How to set up the automation

Click the Automate button located in the upper right corner of the pipe. Then, select Create Automation.

On the left side, choose the option An email is received. Choose the pipe and the phase in which the automation will start. For example, the Inbox phase in a Customer Service pipe. You can also add more conditions to the automation and specify criteria according to your needs.

In this example, we just want the card to be moved to the In-service phase whenever a customer response is received. Check out the configuration below:

Depending on the process, you can also choose other trigger options besides moving the card, such as updating a field, sending an email template, assigning team members, and much more.

Click Create automation, name it, save it, and voila! It's ready to go.

We recommend performing an internal test to ensure that the automation is working correctly.

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