What are Pipefy's email tools?

Keep communication flowing with our messaging features: shared inbox, email templates, and card's email box.

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Pipefy offers 3 email tools:

Each tool helps you save time and optimize your team's work by centralizing all communication in one place: your pipe.

Use these to keep in touch with customers, suppliers, employees, and others who may or may not have a Pipefy account.

In addition, you can use information from emails to create or update cards..

Here's how each of them works:

Shared Inbox

Every pipe has an exclusive email inbox, which any member can access.

Use this tool to send and receive messages. As you create emails, you can share a link to a public form, which your recipients can access to create new cards or add information to the existing ones.

In a shared inbox, you can also add priority labels to identify priority demands, assign people to tasks, set deadlines, and move cards related to the message to another phase.

If you prefer, use an email template instead of creating a message from scratch.

To access it, click on Emails, located at the pipe's header.

Email Templates

This is a versatile tool that allows you to create email templates by combining written text with dynamic fields.

These fields carry information from previous phases, adding a customized tone to your message.

You can use up to 100 dynamic fields in a message and place them to the subject, sender, or destination address (CC and BCC).

You can also insert tables, images, links, and format the text.

If you prefer, set an Email Template as the default and create email automation with these templates.

To manage email templates, click on (1) Emails, in your pipe's heade, then on (2) Email Templates.

Card's email box

This allows you to write, send, and receive emails without accessing the Shared Inbox, as all the message exchanges happen inside the card.

To access, open a card and click the Emails button.

📌 You can manually send emails to up to 10 people per message. You must include an opt-out option and follow Pipefy’s email sending guidelines, based in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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