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You can have a customer, supplier or any other person that’s “external” to your Pipe (not a member of the pipe, company or even registered to Pipefy) by using a few useful advanced tools called public form, email inbox, email template and email messaging.

Public form

A Public Form is a public representation of your pipe’s start form. It enables you to make a pipe's form available to external members so that people outside of Pipefy can create cards in your pipes without having to sign up.

Email templates

Email templates are standard messages you can create and set up to be sent (manually or automatically) from a specific phase of a pipe. 

Templates can have static content or use dynamic information originated from the content inserted in the fields of your process.

Email messaging

Email messaging allows you to write, send and receive emails without having to access your email inbox.

It also helps keep track of the responses to these emails by logging them in the email management tab inside the card.

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