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How external users can join your process

Learn how clients, suppliers, and people who don't have a Pipefy account can be a part of your processes.

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Some Pipefy tools allow external users to join at specific moments of a process to share information without having to log into an account.

These users don't have to be members of a pipe, an organization, or have a Pipefy account.

The tools we offer to external users include:


Share the public version of your pipe's start form or phase form with other people to collect the required information to start a process or move cards to the next phase.

For example: share a public start form with your customers to begin the onboarding process, and then get the data you need to standardize your service. This action creates a new card in your pipe.

In a purchase process, make the approval phase form public and share the link with the person responsible for it. This action just updates the card with the given information.

Guest users can also make requests, such as asking for an order or a reimbursement. In this case, enable the Request Tracker and share the public start form with them.


Pipefy has 3 email messaging tools:

  • Shared Inbox

  • Card email inbox

  • Email Templates

Shared Inbox is a pipe's environment where your team can create and send messages to internal and external users, centralizing all communication.

The Card email inbox tool allows you to write, send, and receive emails without having to access your email inbox.

It also helps keep track of the responses to these emails by logging them in the email management tab inside the card.

Email Templates are messages you can create and set up to be sent (manually or automatically) from a specific phase of a pipe.

You can define an Email Template as a default to writing new messages in fewer clicks, and add dynamic content to fill your emails with information from previous phases.

Pipefy for guests

Pipefy for guests is a platform where external users can track the status of their requests and accomplish tasks, like quotation approval.

In this same portal, it is possible to open the request's card and talk with the team responsible for it through comments.

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